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Electrical Certificate Providers in London

The inspection and testing of your electrical installation is not only essential to the smooth running of your business, it is a legal requirement. By law under the Electricity at work regulations 1989 and local authority building regulations it is important to be in possession of up to date electrical certificates.


On completion of specific works by law the installation will require testing and certification. These tests will be carried out by our competent electrical tester and the relevant electrical certificates will be issued.

We ensure that both inspections and testings are carried out to the latest regulations. Ensuring the electrical safety of your installation via pat testing of appliances & Periodic testing of the installation.


An electrical inspection report will reveal these hidden problems, such as overloaded circuits, risk of an electric shock, a fire hazard, a poorly done installation and lack of earthing to name a few. Getting these issues identified and addressed timely can save you hundreds of dollars in future repairs and fixing the damage.An electrical certificate also serves as a valid document to ensure your property is free from any potential electrical hazard. This can prove invaluable when it comes to selling or buying the property.


As an experienced contractor, Grovebell Electrical provides customers with the high levels of inspection and reporting demanded by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). By law you must take reasonable precautions against the risk of death or personal injury from electricity in work activities. Electricity at Work Regulations (1989).Grovebell Electrical will check the electrical dynamics of your property and other touchpoints against BS 7671 to ensure safety of electrical installations as well as people around them.
Running periodic electrical inspections is important because certain electrical issues are potentially dangerous even though they are not apparent until the power goes down or a fire breaks out.


Grovebell Electrical has fully insured and registered electricians on board.

The electrical certificate that we provide is widely accepted by Housing Associations and Local Councils across the UK.

Safeguard your property against electrical hazards with periodic inspections and know the areas that require immediate repairs.

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Periodic Testing

  • Grovebell Electrical works when it suits you, offering out-of-hours surveys and testing where appropriate. After your inspection has been carried out, you will receive a full report from us, identifying and deficiencies and safety issues such as:
  • General condition of the installation
  • Results of all the electrical tests conducted
  • Any lack of earthing or bonding
  • Identifying overloaded circuits or equipments
  • Fire and shock hazards
  • Defective electrical work

Portable Appliance Testing

  • Portable Appliance Testing is the in-service inspection and testing of electrical items to ensure that they are fit for use. Our experienced electricians are qualified to operate the multi-function test equipment, interpret the results and trained to spot flaws, defects or damaged cables.
  • Employers, institutions and landlords have a statutory requirement to have all your electrical appliances tested if:
  • The appliances are used by your employees The public have access to and use the appliances (e.g. schools or hotels) If you lend or hire the appliances If the appliances are repaired or serviced

Compliance & Certification

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report
  • Installation Certificate
  • Minor Works certificate
  • PAT Test Report
  • Fire Alarm periodic Test
  • Emergency Lighting Periodic test

Service Info

Periodic Testing 94%
Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) 88%
Compliance and Certification 97%

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Quality Guarantee

In addition to our accreditation’s we also boast of the numerous guarantees offered to all our customers, we hold a multi million pound liability insurance policy so if the unexpected where to happen you can rest assured everything will be taken care of. In the unlikely event you are not fully satisfied with the standard of work we provide, we will do our best to gain your approval or refund your money. We also guarantee to be on hand, regardless of the time of day to provide the highest quality service in the event of an electrical emergency.