Fuse Board Upgrades

Fuse Board Upgrades

Consumer Unit Upgrades- by Certified Electricians

Fuse boards are also known as consumer units. They are an important component in every domestic and commercial electrical network, as they help in preventing overloading as well as other electrical problems. They also ensure the safe operation of electrical appliances and protect your property from hazards. Professional and accredited electricians should always carry out consumer unit upgrades and replacements. Our team of approved electricians can provide you with reliable and effective upgrading/replacement of your fuse board. We provide you with the latest and modern fuse boards to ensure that you comply with the latest British standards, such as the BS 7671. We are known for the most reliable and safe consumer unit installation in the UK.

Why Is Fuse Board Replacement Necessary?

Most of the old houses in the UK have a BS: 3036 fuse board which is rewireable but is outdated. These are not compatible with many electrical appliances and installations. They can be extremely risky when there is a fault. The fuse elements at times splash when they melt and spray hot copper onto nearby objects, resulting in hazards such as fire.

These old fuse boxes are also not compatible with EV (Electric Vehicle) charging points and need to be replaced with modern ones if you want to install an EV charging point. An electrician might also recommend a much larger fuse based on other reasons, such as additional load resulting from a property extension. These and many other causes may demand a fuse board replacement or upgrade.

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Types of Consumer Units

There are different types of consumer units, such as:

  • High Integrity Boards: Have RCDs and RCBOs. Circuits are separated by using 2 RCDs so that even if there is something wrong with one appliance, others can still run.
  • Split Load Units: Have the main switch and one RCD Protects circuits from leakage. Considered to be the best consumer unit for compliance with regulations.
  • Garage Consumer Units: Ideal for small capacity requirements.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Safety is our top priority when it comes to fusing board upgrades. Our skilled electricians are provided regular training to ensure that they are following the latest safety standards and regulations. It should be noted that ensuring the safety of tenants is the responsibility of every Landlord. The Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 makes it obligatory for every landlord to provide a completely safe environment for tenants. If you are a landlord and you know that your fuse box is old or has not been upgraded, it is time for you to contact us and get an electric fuse board boost.

Other Signs That Your Fuse Board Needs Replacement/Upgrading

  • You have an electrical consumer unit made of plastic or wood, making it highly vulnerable to spreading fire.
  • There is no Residual Current Device (RCD) in your fuse box.
  • You’re carrying out a property extension, loft conversion, or any other project that will increase your power requirement.
  • You frequently experience overheating your fuse box, short-circuiting, or appliance failure.
  • You need to conduct an electrical inspection and testing of your property.
  • You need a safety certificate for your electrical installations.
  • You are selling your home, or new tenants are moving in, and you require fuse board upgrades.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Fuse Box

  • Electric fuse board upgrade gives effective protection from electrical fires
  • No need for buying fuse wires anymore
  • Provides direct and indirect protection from electric shocks
  • Even if the circuit breaker trips, you can easily turn it on by flipping the switch
  • In case of a problem, they take milliseconds to switch off
  • RCDs will protect your entire electrical installation

The Cost of Replacing Fuse Boards- We Offer the Lowest

  • The consumer unit replacement cost depends on:
  • The consumer unit type you require
  • Circuits required
  • Amp-rating
  • The current condition of your electrical installations

We offer the most competitive rates for fuse board upgrades. Compare our cost to our competitors, and you will know what we are talking about.

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