Electrical Rewiring Services in London

Electrical Rewiring Services

How Would You Know You Need Rewiring?

House rewiring may seem expensive, but it is important due to the safety of yourself and your home. We understand that homeowners ignore small electric issues until they become major ones; before they become potential life hazards, consider house rewiring. 

The major signs indicating you need our house rewiring service in London include:

Flickering or Dimming Lights

One of the primary signs of house rewiring is dim and flickering lights; if you experience this spike and decline in power frequently in your home, it’s time you consider rewiring.

Bulbs Burning Out

Bulbs burning out in their outlets or sockets is another indication of faulty wiring, which can be caused due to fluctuations in voltage. As soon as you notice the issue, call our skilled electricians.

Regularly Blown Fuses

With the latest technology and electrical appliances, old wirings are not designed to handle the weight of a blown fuse. To fix the issue, you need your house rewired.

Sparking Outlets

Sometimes sparkling outlets are normal; however, they can be a massive sign of potential fire and explosion. Therefore, contact our electrical rewiring specialists in London if you notice melted or heated outlets.

Power Fluctuation

Power fluctuations are also a tell-tale sign indicating your house needs rewiring. This issue is caused by overloaded circuits, small power conductors and old or loose wirings.

Regardless of your issue, Grove Bell Electrical has competent electricians with extensive knowledge who consistently provide the highest standards of electrical rewiring services in London.

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Electrical Rewiring Services in London

Complete the Process of Rewiring Your Home

At Grove Bell Electrical, we have expert electricians with robust skillsets in electrical rewiring services in London, who follow a systematic approach to rewiring your place.

1. Examine the Current Wiring System

  • First, we evaluate the current electric system, detecting all the loose and deteriorated wires.
  • We will also check if the system complies with the local code requirements so that we can work accordingly.

2. Plan the New System

  • After a thorough inspection, we will plan your new wiring system.
  • This step involves how many outlets and switches will be required, determining where they will be fixed and what type of wire will be used for circuits.

3. New Wiring System Installation

  • Next, the new wiring system will be installed throughout the house.
  • This step involves running wires through switches, ceilings and walls, connecting them with cables.
  • After this, our electricians will thoroughly double-check to prevent potential problems or hazards.

4. Test the New System

  • Before you use your electrical system, our team will check it thoroughly.
  • They will check each outlet using a multimeter to ensure no issues.

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House Rewiring Cost

Rewiring a home means your electrical system will be upgraded and complies with modern electrical standards. However, when it comes to electrical rewiring costs, it varies and depends on the type and size of the property.

Some of the key factors regarding house rewiring costs include the following:

  • Type of property – is your property a house, flat or apartment?
  • Property style – is it a middle-floor flat, detached or semi-detached property?
  • Occupied or Unoccupied – will the property be occupied or empty?
  • Fabric of the building: do your walls consist of bricks or plasterboard?
  • Rewire specification: do you require decorative or simple sockets and switches?

What Can You Get from Rewiring Your Home?

Investing in house rewiring can benefit in numerous ways, some of which include:

  • Increase in your property’s value
  • Higher energy-efficiency
  • No risk of potential house fires
  • Improved safety for all the residents
  • Peace of mind
Electrical Rewiring Services in London

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Complete or partial home rewiring is a time-consuming but essential task to tackle outdated and faulty wiring and eliminate associated safety risks. If your house is over 30 years old, it needs rewiring to meet the latest electric standards and regulations.

Grove Bell Electrical provides comprehensive electrical rewiring services in London and surrounding areas. Our professional electricians will personally undertake all the work and successfully execute it within the shortest timeframe.

Contact one of our electricians today if you want to rewire your home.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have fully accredited and qualified electrical rewiring contractors in London.
  • We work closely with our customers, informing and guiding them through each step.
  • While remaining competitive, we never compromise on the quality of the work.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding House Rewiring

A rewiring consists of replacing all the old and faulty wires running through the house with new ones. With the passage of time, your house needs complete rewiring, generally after 25 years.

With time, wires deteriorate, becoming a fire hazard. For instance, if you have aluminium wires installed, they are more susceptible to catching fire.

At Grove Bell Electrical, we have a quick and fast turnaround time; it will take hardly one week for newly built homes or two weeks for older homes to rewire.

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